Is gold and silver a tangible asset?

Gold and silver are two precious metals with wonderful investment advantages. Both are highly sought after, portable and tangible. Precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum are another example of tangible assets. Among these three metals, gold and silver are preferred to platinum, which is quite volatile as an investment.

Transferring an IRA into gold is a great way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the stability that gold can provide. Precious metals can be purchased in coins or bars and are evaluated based on their weight. It's natural to compare silver to gold as an investment. They share the same strengths of tangible assets, counterweights to stocks and stock markets, safe havens against socio-political shocks and hedges against inflation. However, the two precious metals have several important differences.

One of the main reasons why investors consider precious metals and rare currencies as an asset class is because they will always maintain intrinsic value. Unlike currencies or securities that only have a hypothetical value, these oddities are something physical that you can hold and therefore have a certain value. You can easily see that, in percentage terms, silver rises much more than gold in bull markets and falls much more than gold in bear markets. Gold is the ideal stock portfolio diversifier, since it correlates negatively with stocks when stocks fall, gold rises.